Day 24

2 things to do today, both pretty short.

1. Read this, from USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism:

In Medicare fight, honest language takes a beating

In a trenchant analysis of the slippery political rhetoric surrounding Medicare, contributing editor Trudy Lieberman reads between the lines of politicians and interest groups who say they want to protect the program, including HHS Secretary Tom Price.

“For Price, protecting Medicare means reducing the government’s long-standing obligation to provide benefits to current seniors in the program in order to ‘save’ and ‘protect’ it for future generations,” writes Lieberman. “It could also mean cutting benefits outright, such as raising the age of eligibility and making current beneficiaries pay higher deductibles.” Such semantic confusion only serves to veil Republican-led attempts to privatize Medicare, according to Lieberman. Terms such as “overhaul” and “revamp” too often “disguise changes policymakers want to enact while making the public think the changes are benign. A cut by any other name is still a cut.”

Read the full post here.

2. Call your U.S. Representative and Senators

Tell your members of Congress that you don’t believe in privatizing Social Security or raising the age of eligibility.

If you haven’t put these numbers in your Favorites or speed dial, here you go:
The number for the Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Or find the direct numbers:
Senate Phone List and House Phone List.

It’s important for GOP members of Congress to know that they can’t cut Social Security and think that will end the issue. In fact, their threats to Social Security will be key to defeating them in the midterms.