Day 32

I’ve borrowed this one from a FB friend, and again, even though it’s not directly related to the midterms, it’s worth doing both for it’s own sake and for practice.

In this case, it’s a way to fight Steve Bannon’s appointment to the NSC.

This is easy: There’s an answering machine line, it works after hours and I reached it on the weekend. They are clearly prepared and taking messages – I can only hope it’s useful. Certainly easy.

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is inviting comment and COUNTING CALLS before it decides whether to approve Steve Bannon’s appointment to the National Security Council.

Call 202-224-4751. (You don’t have to talk to anyone.)
Just say something along these lines:
“Hi my name is ______. I am from ____ [give your state] and am an American citizen. I oppose Steve Bannon being confirmed to sit on our National Security Council.”