Day 57

Know anyone in Montana? There will be a special election on May 25, 2017 to replace the state 1 U.S. Representative, Ryan Zinke, who was named head of the Interior Department.

Though Ballotpedia calls this race “safely Republican,” the governor of the state is a Democrat as is oneof the U.S. Senators. It helps Dems that there is a Libertarian on the ticket, who may pull some of the GOP votes.

The Republican candidate for the seat is a retired tech billionaire. The Democratic candidate is musician Rob Quist, who has served in many public service roles. Quist has a solid record of center to left-of-center values.

Here’s his campaign website – contribute a few bucks if you can.

The real question is how to boost turnout. If you know anyone in Montana, ask what would be effective and email us or share it on our FB page.