MJ for Texas

One of the 2 best campaign videos of the year – maybe any year – highlights MJ Hegar. She’s the Democratic candidate in Texas’s District 31.

Visit her site, watch the video if you haven’t, volunteer if you’re in or near her district, toss in a few bucks for the campaign.


Help Out OR State Representative Janelle Bynum

Because this:
A Black Oregon Lawmaker Was Knocking on Doors. Someone Called the Police.

And Bynum, from District 51 and the only African American in the OR House of Representatives, handled the matter perfectly.

Here’s her website. If you’re in OR, volunteer to make calls,

And you can donate.

And if this to-do doesn’t float your boat, do one of the standbys:

  • Make sure people you know are registered to vote.
  • Take a look at Swing Left’s website.
  • See if there is an Indivisible branch in your area. They’ll find someone who can use your help. If there isn’t a local branch, join the national branch.
  • Join Moms Demand Action
  • Donate to the ACLU
  • Donate to Planned Parenthood

March. Chant. Knock on Doors. #Vote