Join: Vote Save America

When you join, you are actually pledging to vote on Nov. 6.

Plus: you can find to-dos from all over the country – maybe in your district?

You’ll receive an email confirmation for your sign-up that links to a form you can use to check if you are registered to vote.

And if you listen to Pod Save America podcast, you know that the plan is to add information for your own district, along with a sample ballot so you are ready to check those boxes on Nov. 6.

March. Email. Call. Donate. Vote!

Do One Thing is reconfiguring to better focus on the Midterms — with occasional calls to action for good causes.

We’re going to focus on races that will either keep seats blue that might be in jeopardy, or switchable seats from red to blue.

Yes – other sites and organizations are doing the same, thank goodness.

Here we’re focusing on one small thing you can do each day to help.